Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Gone Wrong – Part 3

This was my first shark from the kayak, and after spending 5 minutes trying to remove the hook with pliers and being unable to get it out, I cut the line so that I didn’t keep the fish out of the water any longer. I felt that if I kept trying, the shark would suffocate and die. Luckily they were NOT stainless steel hooks and it has certainly rusted out by now. Since this trip, I now pinch down the barbs on my hooks and have removed the hook from about 15 sharks since this trip. It is all a learning experience and I learned a lot from the mistakes I made on this trip.

Offshore Trip Gone Wrong: Part 3

I traveled from Corpus Christi up to Galveston, TX in search of my next target: landing a big shark from the kayak. Well, before long I had my first run and I could tell this was the kind of fish I was looking for. I landed my first shark, a nice 6 foot blacktip, but I would soon learn that if you lose your focus for just one second, the ocean will take advantage. My whole world got turned upside down in a heartbeat… literally.

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Cobia Sight Fishing Trip July 2016, Chesapeake Bay

We took a trip down to Virginia to try our luck at the Cobia with Finao Sportfishing, cruised around the bay looking for surface cruising fish and ended up boating a couple decent fish. We saw a lot of fish that wouldn’t bite and others that spooked, but overall it was a good time learning the ways of the cobia.

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Ocean Pacific Samar Island Fishing Trip

We catch this talakitok by trolling in the pacific ocean near the coast of hernani town in eastern samar, phillipines

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing With Topwater On The Rio Negro River

Amazon Adventure – Capt Blair Wiggins travels to the Rio Negro River in Brazil in search of peacock bass. He fishes with good friend, John Lang in the freshwater rivers of the Amazon.

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Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Gone Wrong – Part 1

Be sure to watch through to the end for a preview of Parts 2 & 3 – you don’t want to miss those!

Part 1 – “The Calm Before the Storm”

I went on a four day kayak fishing and camping trip for Independence Day 2013. In Part 1, come along for the ride as I paddle out over 3 miles offshore to the oil rigs in front of Corpus Christi, TX. On the first day we fished for red snapper and trolled for some bigger game. That night I enjoyed red snapper tacos on the beach at my campsite – can’t beat that!

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Be sure to check out when it goes live in a few weeks. We will be featuring exciting kayak fishing videos by a team of experience anglers. We will also feature instructional videos, fishing stories, product reviews, a photo gallery, and much more!

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*Graphic* This Was A Dangerous Fishing Trip. BIG Perch, New Way To Gut A Fish All In One Video!

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Climbed down a very steep cliff to get to this fishing spot. Had some really nice bites and ended up losing a few fish too. Tried using swimbaits for a couple hours and then switched to bait, shrimp specifically. Caught some nice Striped Surf Perch and I demonstrate an efficient way to clean and gut a fish in a way you’ve probably never seen.

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Montauk Fall Fishing- Insane Striped Bass Blitz! Fall Run

My 5 day Montauk, NY fishing trip, fall 2012. Striped Bass schooling up and gorging themselves on rainbait and Mullet.

filmed with head mounted camera ( Gopro)

Minecraft | Who’s Your Daddy? Sewer Fishing Trip Disaster! (Giant Fish Vs Baby)

Minecraft Who’s Your Daddy Family is a new and improved version of the whos your daddy game in minecraft. The baby still stops at nothing to reach its inevitable death. However this time he has a new house, neighborhood and an entire family in his way. Watch as the clueless parents try to save their crazy babies in this minecraft whos your daddy game!
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Minecraft | Who’s Your Daddy? Sewer Fishing Trip Ends HORRIBLY! (Giant Fish vs Baby)

Peoria Carp Hunters

Book your Bow Fishing trip today


Asian Carp have overrun the Illinois River in Peoria. Zac and Nate, water skiing CARP HUNTERS with swords and a wolverine claw, take matters into their own hands. We fabricate weapons, a “shredder suit”, and a methodology for killing Asian Carp, Silver Carp, Jumping Carp, Flying Carp. Have you ever seen anyone water skiing with a samurai sword? The Carp Hunters are vehemently opposed to the Asian Carp, Flying Carp, Silver Carp, Bighead Carp, Jumping Carp’s progression up the Illinois River which will inevitably end up in the Great Lakes. Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Erie.

As we were Bow-hunting one day on the Illinois River we decided that it would be way more intense to waterski behind the boat with a shredder suit and a samurai sword in order to kill these uninvited Asian Carp, Flying Carp, Silver Carp, Bighead Carp, and Jumping Carp.

This video is the first in a series to show our story. We care greatly about preserving our natural ecosystem in the Illinois River. Since we can’t Bass fish anymore we have taken on this burden. Bow Hunting aside, we have created a new way of fishing. Please enjoy the CARP HUNTERS.

Fisherman by Casey Ashley
Buried Alive by Kerry Muzzey
Unstoppable Forces by Epic Score
Deadly Deception by Epic Score

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